Corail Consultants advises business companies/groups who wish to organize or optimize their legal, compliance or corporate governance function. The scope of an advisory mission is based on the client’s brief, its details fine- tuned between the client and Corail Consultants. It can be carried out at the creation, during reorganizations or during the day to-day life of the legal department.

Our expertise

Organize the legal function, upon its creation, in its day to day operations and its evolutions.

Optimize the legal function through governance and management audits, transition management and training in business law and management of the legal function

Gains for the business

A legal department that correctly addreses the business’ expectations : efficient, proactive and profitable, Imbedded in the conduct of the business and prepared to support future growth.

 ... and actively accompanies the business : trained in good business’ practice, acting as a force of development to serve its international ambitions.